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‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions — personal proclamations surrounding physical fitness, spiritual rejuvenation and other steps people pledge to take with the overarching aim of self-betterment. Regardless of where you stand on forming annual resolutions, January is always a wonderful time to rethink bad patterns and recalibrate.

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So, as we ring in the New Year, consider checking out some of the physical fitness and health series that are available right now on These series can help you get fit and refocus your personal health goals as we move into 2019:

“Daily Workout”

Top fitness guru Denise Austin offers a guide to toning up and tightening your body with these daily workouts.

Watch “Daily Workout”

Sculpting Exercise Video | Pure Flix

“Power Stretch & Sculpt With Tonya Larson”

Flow seamlessly from relaxing stretching into more challenging strengthening and sculpting exercises in this workout video that will make you limber and relaxed.

Watch “Power Stretch & Sculpt”

“Ann Smith Senior Fitness Collection”

Learn the secrets to a healthier body and more fulfilling life: just a few minutes a day of easy, non-intimidating exercise and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Watch “Ann Smith Senior Fitness Collection”

“Glow: Prenatal Cardio Sculpt”

If you’re expecting, but looking for safe and effective cardio workouts for each trimester, you’re in luck. “Glow” helps you navigate your health during one of the most important times in your life: your pregnancy.

Watch “Glow: Prenatal Cardio Sculpt”

Prenatal Workout | Pure Flix

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“Fit Family”

Want to have a fit family? Get active with your loved ones in a fun way with workouts designed for those days when it’s too hot, cold, or rainy to go outside.

Watch “Fit Family”

“Integrative Medicine: Cancer and Nutrition”

Dr. Monica Myklebust talks about how to help cancer patients but caring for the whole person's mind, body, spirit and emotion.

Watch “Integrative Medicine: Cancer and Nutrition”

Fit Family | Pure Flix

And that only scratches the surface of the amazing slate of health series, movies, TV shows and original content that you can watch right now on Click here to start a free one-month trial and start enjoying thousands of Christian and family-friendly originals, movies, TV shows, documentaries and educational titles.

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