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11 Leadership Principles from "October Baby"

By Brian Dodd on September 26, 2016

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The following was originally published on "Brian Dodd on Leadership," a leadership blog found here, after the theatrical release of "October Baby" in 2012. It is reprinted with permission on Pure Flix Insider. You can watch "October Baby" any time on

Today I chose "October Baby" over "Hunger Games" and I am glad I did!  "October Baby" is an incredibly moving story that tells us the importance that every human life has.  This film by Jon and Andrew Erwin follows the story of a college student named Hannah, played by Rachel Hendrix. Because of some physical issues, Hannah discovers she is adopted as a result of being abandoned after a failed abortion attempt.

The following are 11 leadership quotes and principles from this incredible movie that everyone should see:

1. “I know things are pretty terrible right now but they will get better.”

Hannah’s boyfriend Jason, played by Jason Burkey, reminds her of this truth shortly after discovering she was adopted.  It is important to remember that all storms are temporary.

2. “I don’t need your charity,” says Hannah.

To which Jason replies, “Yeah, you do.”  Jason is right.  We all need charity.  Tweet: When people say that Jesus is a crutch.  I say, “Yes He is because we are all crippled.” @BrianKDoddWhen people say that Jesus is a crutch.  I say, “Yes He is because we are all crippled.”

3. Wild sides are over-rated.  Purity does not come with regrets.

Hannah goes through a period in which she struggles with her purity and non-sexual lifestyle.  I have never heard anyone regret purity, regret waiting until they were married to have sex, and for doing the right thing.

4. “I couldn’t believe something so small could have such power over me.”

Hannah’s father is played by John Schneider.  His words about his newborn daughter are something all fathers can understand.

5. Excellence Honors God And Inspires People

Jasmine Guy and Shari Rigby are both absolutely riveting in their small but incredibly important roles.  I have attached scenes from each on this post.

6. “For some of the girls, I was their only friend.”

When many ladies have abortions as Jasmine’s scene below points out, often the only ones who know are the girl, the doctor, the nurse, and the counselor.  For these young ladies they often must carry this burden alone for years.

7. “I didn’t see non-viable tissue.  I saw the face of a child.”

Every abortion stops a beating heart.

8. “To be human is to be beautifully flawed.”

The one thing every person has in common is we all have a past.  In the prevailing churches I see, it is important to note that no perfect people are allowed.

9. “Hate the crime.  Not the criminal.”

I was blown away at the lengths this film went through to protect the dignity and still show the continued value of the post-abortion mother.  If you are suffering as a mother from having an abortion, this will be a very healing movie for you.

10. “Hate is a burden you don’t need to carry.”

Hannah had to forgive a number of people in this film before she could move on with her life, one being herself.  Who do you need to forgive today?

11. “Thank you for wanting me.”  

As Hannah was going off to school, this is what she said to her father.  I am still blown away that my Heavenly Father, Jesus wants me.

Every human life has immeasurable value.  This film shows is that no matter how destructive abortion is, as a medical act itself but also to the mother, that forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ is far more powerful.

Hollywood and theater executives make major decisions about the longevity of a film based upon its opening weekend numbers.  Please go see this film before the weekend is out.

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