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In the 2015 film, “Beyond the Mask,” lead character William escapes the law and takes on a new identity as a parson. When he meets the lovely (and very Christian) Charlotte, the two form an immediate connection. When Charlotte discovers that William doesn’t believe in God as much as a person should, she begins to wonder if she’d be happy being with someone without conviction.

Though this action packed romance takes place in fictional 1776, the conundrum of “should I date someone with lesser, different, or no faith?” still comes up in modern times. If you find yourself in a similar situation, Tweet: Here are a few things to consider before you dive into a committed #relationship. #Christian via @PureFlix are a few things to consider before you dive into a committed relationship with someone who takes their faith (if any) less seriously than you do.

1. Am I in a stable place in my life? 

This is a question one should ask before entering into any relationship, but especially with someone who doesn’t share your faith. If you find that you’re bored or uncertain about your motives, definitely don’t get involved. Otherwise you’ll wake up one day, deep into a relationship that you began for all the wrong reasons.

2. Will my relationship with God suffer?

How will this relationship affect your spiritual growth? Will you still be committed to the same prayer life, fellowship, and Church? If you feel like you’re not convicted and disciplined enough in your faith life, now is not the time to date a non-believer.

3. Are we on the same page with purity? 

As Christians we view our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and reserve intimacy for marriage. Be sure your potential date knows how serious you are about these convictions and that they're willing to respect the boundaries you set.

4. Do I feel like my faith is respected? 

There’s nothing worse than someone close to you viewing the God you devote your life to as a fairy tale. Make sure that he/she respects you and the beliefs that guide your life.

5. Am I being honest about all the things I believe?

Naturally when you first meet someone, you don’t tell all in the getting-to-know-you phase. However, it’s important not to hide or downplay what your faith entails, no matter how countercultural it may sound.

10 Things to Consider When Dating a Non-Christian | Pure Flix

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6. Is he/she open to going to church or Bible study with me?

Since your potential date is not a Christian, you can’t expect them to believe or understand your faith like you do. However, a willingness to attend church with you shows a desire to understand you and an openness to learning more about the faith.

7. If not, am I okay going to church alone?

While it's wonderful if your potential date supports you going to church and even sometimes comes, there will be times (perhaps many) that you'll be on your own. 

8. How do I feel about my children having a non-believing parent?

You’re probably thinking, “Whoa! Slow down!" However, dating is the precursor to marriage. While you may feel sheepish asking this question early on, you may as well get it out of the way sooner than later before you get in to deep.

9. What are his/her thoughts on raising our kids in the Church?

Another awkward question to ask, yet one you you deserve to know.

10. Will I get lonely with a non-Christian?

While we don't expect our partner to have all the same interests that we do, faith isn't just an interest - it's a way of life. When we meet other believers, there's an automatic connection. Will you be lonely not sharing this connection with your potential partner? 

In the end, whatever type of relationship you’re discerning, it's important to pray, pray, pray. God will definitely answer you, especially if you’re open to hearing whatever answer he may give. Always remember that the Father treasures you, and he has a plan for your well-being and happiness.

To find out what happens with William and Charlotte, check out “Beyond the Mask” available on July 8th at Watch “Beyond the Mask” and thousands more Christian movies for free by visiting and signing up for a free trial.

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