Morning and Evening Prayers

It’s important to simply ask God to guide us, sustain us and give us the spiritual, physical and emotional power to get through each day. It’s amazing what a prayer like this can do to keep people focused and prepared for whatever comes their way.

5 Encouraging Morning Prayers to Begin Your Day


Starting every morning with prayer is an important practice that can help begin the day with positivity and a focus on God’s word. Prayer holds the power to center us and to guide us into the flow of the day. 

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5 Peaceful Night Prayers to End Your Day


The best way to unwind and end your day on a positive, thankful note is with a bedtime prayer. At the end of a stressful day, if you’re drawing a blank on what to say to God, these peaceful night prayers.

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10 Bedtime Prayers For Children


If you’re looking to instill positive values in your kids, bedtime prayers for children are a key component worth integrating into your nightly routine. Evening prayers can help focus families on the day’s blessings, while also teaching kids how to rely on God.

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Prayers For Strength and Healing

From prayers for God to help guide us through personal woes to invocations on behalf of friends and loved ones, you’ll find some useful examples of appeals to God below.

7 Powerful Prayers for God’s Protection and Safekeeping


Life can sometimes be unpredictable and scary, which is why faith in God is a powerful tool for navigating the unknown. Prayer, in particular, can help people cope with and overcome the worries and fears that can be crippling in a world.

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5 Healing Prayers for Forgiveness


Forgiveness is the centerpiece of the Christian faith, and, in practice, it holds the power to free us from the grips of pain and anger that too often takes root when others wrong us. Perhaps you are seeking inspiration and guidance surrounding how to forgive yourself.

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Prayers for a Healthy Pregnancy You'll Want to Memorize


Pregnancy is a beautiful and sometimes difficult journey. Trying to conceive or carry a child to term is an important time to lean on God. Historically, the Judeo-Christian tradition has placed a significant emphasis on the blessing of children. 

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Mealtime Prayers

The Bible makes it clear that saying grace is an incredibly important act before eating a meal. Jesus himself gave thanks to the Father before feeding multitudes of people; Paul, too, gave thanks before having a meal. And 2,000 years later, Christians continue the tradition of uttering a grace prayer before each meal — a sign of gratitude, respect and love for the Creator.

Saying Grace: 10 Inspiring Mealtime Prayers to Share With Family


You can learn how to say grace, or get some fresh ideas for thanking God with these 10 mealtime prayers. We also included some great ways to build a nightly grace practice with simple steps to keep your mealtime prayers fresh and interesting.

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10 Perfect Thanksgiving Prayers to Share with Your Family


When you gather at the Thanksgiving table this year, gratitude will certainly be a theme on the minds of both you and your loved ones. The holiday season is a wonderful time to thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon you, your family.

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15 Christmas Prayers to Share With Your Family


The Christmas season is an important time to spend time with family and loved ones. It’s also an essential time to focus on building up one’s faith — and keeping the true meaning of the holiday at the top of our minds. 

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Inspirational Prayers

Here find inspirational prayers for many different situations. We hope they inspire and give you words and thoughts to talk with God. Prayers are sometimes referred to as an appeal to a higher form, a petition, a request. They are used in worship and can be in the form of giving thanks or asking for help. 

Inspirational Cowboy Prayers You’ll Want to Memorize


It’s a classic American image, the praying cowboy. Even today, at rodeos and horse shows around the country, before or after the national anthem is usually a moment of prayer. 

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Ready, Set, Pray: 5 Best Prayers to Say Before a Big Game


First, don’t panic. God told you what to do about that in Phil. 4:6-7, “Don’t be anxious about anything...present your requests to God” (NIV). Next, remember your prayer doesn’t have to be the greatest one ever uttered.

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5 Ways Your Life Changes After Praying to Accept Jesus


Society tells us that we are the sum of our decisions and achievements, but what if there was another way to define ourselves? What if we could be more than the choices we’ve made or the experiences we’ve had?

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Pure Flix Online Sermons

When getting to a physical location is difficult or impossible, these online sermons will help guide you along your faith path. Pure Flix’s great online sermons help you get even more out of reading Bible verses.


Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer

Everyday Answers Joyce Meyer

Each day, we face hard questions that challenge our faith. Acclaimed Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer helps us to live a God-centered life.

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New Season with Samuel Rodriguez

New Season with Samuel Rodriguez

Pastor Sam will usher in a "New Season" where individuals and families will no longer live in failure or merely survive but they will thrive for the glory of Jesus.

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Greg Laurie TV - Harvest Church

Greg Laurie TV

The pastor of one of America's largest churches delivers powerful, insightful messages about what it means to walk with Christ in today's world.

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The Classic Sermons of Billy Graham

Billy Graham Classics

The evangelistic fervor of Billy Graham is on full display in these three revivals culled from over half a century of preaching God's Word.

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Most Popular Prayer Pins

Start a prayer Pinterest board to easily access your favorite prayers.

Learning How to Pray Without Ceasing

A truly religious life is a life of constant joy. And we should rejoice more, if we prayed more. Prayer will help forward all lawful business, and every good work. If we pray without ceasing, we shall not want matter for thanksgiving in everything. We shall see cause to give thanks for sparing and preventing, for common and uncommon, past and present, temporal and spiritual mercies. Not only for prosperous and pleasing, but also for afflicting providences, for chastisements and corrections; for God designs all for our good, though we at present see not how they tend to it. Quench not the Spirit.

This explanation is clear: prayer matters — and it doesn’t only have value during the tough times when we seek God to guide us through our issues. Prayer should be an ongoing process that we engage in as we face various issues, victories and decisions.

Of course, many of us are so busy that we let the day pass without spending a great deal of time in prayer. With that in mind, how can we learn to pray without ceasing? Read More >

Fruit of the Spirit Devotional

Download free devotional, and discover how the Holy Spirit can transform you.

Along with a link to watch each Christian Movie that teaches The Fruit of the Spirit, you will find thoughts on how the characters and plot can help you open your heart to the Holy Spirit and transform your life.

Enjoy these devotions several ways:

  • On your own as a personal devotional.
  • As a family, have movie nights, then take time after the movie to discuss and pray over the virtue taught.
  • With friends, watch the movies in an evening of fellowship, and use the questions and activities to foster discussion and accountability.