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How Christian Movies Influence Your Kids' Character

By Editors on 7/13/16 7:03 AM

What children see on television and in movies becomes part of their life experience and impacts their development. As Billy Graham told a parent on his website, children today are "deeply influenced by television and films," even more than they were years ago. This is partly because kids watch more TV and movies now than they ever used to. Kids' TV channel, Nickelodeon, reported that today's kids average 35 hours of television-watching every week. This doesn't include time spent watching movies, video games, or the growing practice of watching videos on YouTube.

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4 min read

5 Great Christian Homeschooling Resources

By Editors on 5/21/16 9:00 AM

Whether you're a lifelong homeschooler or you're looking at shifting your family to a new lifestyle of learning at home, you can't do it alone. You may be supported by your family, your church, and the homeschool community, but you also need resources. Many others have taken this path before you, and they've developed Christian and Christian-friendly homeschooling resources that will help you raise children of character and intelligence.

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