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4 Essential Homeschooling Facts You Need to Know

By Billy Hallowell on 11/14/19 9:49 AM

If you're interested in homeschooling pros and cons or in gaining information on how you can begin home schooling your children, there are a plethora of resources online.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
6 min read

Discover Entertaining and Inspiring Homeschool and Family Content

By Billy Hallowell on 4/9/19 12:00 PM

With so much entertainment and digital content flowing to cell phones, tablets and computers — and with the themes and subject matter becoming increasingly inappropriate for kids — many parents are looking for safe movies, TV shows and documentaries for the whole family.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
3 min read

7 Perfect Christian Fall Activities for Kids

By Sarah Hartland on 10/9/18 7:00 AM

As the weather gets colder and the kids are going outside less and less, parents are looking for fun fall activities to enjoy as a family. These Christian fall activities for kids are a great way to teach your children life lessons and have fun while doing it.

Topics: Homeschooling Kids Parenting
4 min read

Christian Education: How to Ensure Your Child Learns About God

By Pure Flix Editors on 9/14/18 7:00 AM

There was a time when Christianity was integrated in all public education. Prayers in school were as common as the Pledge of Allegiance, and many schools taught directly from the Bible. Today, there’s an emphasis on “the separation of church and state,” and prayer in class or even before sporting events is discouraged, if not outright banned.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
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