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Inside the Incredible Story Behind Lifesize Replica of Noah’s Ark

By Billy Hallowell on 5/20/20 1:30 PM

The Ark Encounter, a life-sized Noah’s ark replica located in Williamstown, Kentucky, as well as its nearby sister organization, the Creation Museum, are both set to reopen to the public on Monday, June 8, 2020.

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6 Ways to Maintain your Faith During College

By Billy Hallowell on 8/27/19 9:00 AM

College is all about personal discovery and educating yourself to take on life’s new challenges, but it can be difficult to maintain your Christian faith when faced with the stereotypical, secular pressures common on college campuses. 

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5 Back-to-School Prayers for Teachers and Educators

By Billy Hallowell on 8/12/19 9:00 AM

Preparing for the back-to-school season can be chaotic and stressful, which is what makes prayer during this hectic time that much more essential. While many of us take the time to pray for our kids and family, it’s paramount we also consider a blessing for teachers.

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4 Homeschooling Tips to Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer Long

By Billy Hallowell on 7/19/19 9:00 AM

Whether you homeschool during the year and are looking for free summer homeschool curriculum or you’re a parent looking to keep your kids academically engaged this summer, there are countless content options available for you to consider. 

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