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If you’re looking to offer your kids Bible lessons, there are a ton of free Biblical resources for children. From games to interactive Bible experiences, the options are limitless. We’ve assembled a list of 10 fun Bible lessons for kids — a collection of resources that will help families who are looking to further introduce their kids to God. Here they are:

The Bible App for Kids

YouVersion’s Bible App for Kids is a stunning app that takes kids through the Bible in innovative fashion. The app focuses on 41 of the Bible’s biggest stories. The app reads the story aloud and includes “interactive animations” that keep kids intrigued. Between the innovative display and built-in games, this is a great way to offer Bible lessons for kids. Download The Bible App for Kids here.

Friends and Heroes

Engaging Bible lessons for kids hold the power to capture their imagination. “Friends and Heroes” is among the fun Bible lessons for kids that entertains while incorporating Bible lessons and stories that kids are sure to remember. If you’re a fan of the show, you can download a free bible study lesson. Also, be sure to watch the trailer for "Friends and Heroes"

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100 Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

If you’re looking for Bible lessons for kids, this website offers an a plethora of Sunday school lessons that you can download for free. With options like “Emoji Prayers” and “Jesus League,” these fun Bible lessons for kids will help engage children with God’s word. See and download the lessons today.’s Educational Content is the perfect place for families seeking ways to bring exciting children’s Bible lessons to life. And on the education front, there are a variety of resources as well as supplemental documentaries, TV series and movies worth exploring. These shows and movies can educate and entertain kids and parents, alike.

You can gain access to entertaining content and fun Bible lessons, presented through TV shows and movies, with your free trial of Also, be sure to read our compilation of homeschooling resources here.

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Good, Old-Fashioned Kids Games

Kids love games, so this handy list of 100 Bible games is a great resource for offering some powerful Bible lessons for kids. From “The Gratitude Game” to the “Carry the Ark Game,” there’s a great deal of potential content to choose from. Get some excellent ideas for Sunday school, home and other gatherings here. There’s fun for the whole family!

Ministry to Children — Kindergarten to 6th Grade

There are children’s Bible lessons available for all ages, and sometimes it’s important to be sure that the lesson you’re looking for will meet the intended age and population. Ministry to Children focuses on Old Testament and New Testament lesson plans that can be modified for ages 5-12.

See these fun Bible lessons for kids here.

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Christian Movies That Teach the Fruit of the Spirit

If you’re looking for a helpful guide that offers fun Bible lessons for kids, consider taking a look at the “Christian Movies That Teach the Fruit of the Spirit” devotional. This is a free resource for adults and teens, alike, but can also be adapted to teach kids lessons on Paul’s words in Galatians about the power of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Download the devotional for free and see which supplemental movies you can use to go along with it.

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Ministry to Youth

If you’re looking for children’s Bible lessons, Ministry to Youth is worth checking out. In addition to fun Bible lessons for kids, the site offers games and activity ideas to help keep teenagers engaged in the Bible and having fun. See their games, activities and free resources.

Kid’s Sunday School

Fun Bible lessons for kids are in no short supply at Kid’s Sunday School, where there are schedules, themes, activities, and much, much more. The site offers a members-only option as well as free lesson plans that your kids will love. Check out their huge inventory on their website. See lessons for preschoolers here.

Superbook Games

Superbook” is a popular kids TV series, and there’s an associated website that uses games to teach fun Bible lessons for kids. You can check out all the fun options that teach useful Bible lessons for kids here.

That closes out our list of Bible lessons for kids. You can find other children’s Bible lessons online as well, and be sure to keep up with The Pure Flix Insider blog for more inspiring, daily content.

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