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Greg Gudorf

Greg Gudorf

With 22 issued patents in networked technology and consumer electronics, Greg’s skills span retail, distribution, manufacturing and innovation development in leadership positions at Sony Electronics, Technicolor,, General Instrument (Motorola) and Digeo-Moxi (a Paul Allen venture).

As the current CEO of eSalt Media Technologies ( Greg leads the team delivering a “Faith & Family” streaming video service focused on the Pure Flix mission of “influencing culture for Christ through media”.

As founder of The Gudorf Group, Inc., Greg also works directly with Start-Ups, Innovations, and Re-Starts providing advisory, strategic planning, business development and product management support in consulting and advisory roles.

Greg has served as a business mentor with San Diego’s Chairmen’s Roundtable, a student mentor for the University of Phoenix, and as a general aviation pilot for the Young Eagles Flight program introducing youth to aviation.

A published author and a member of Toastmasters International, Greg resides in San Diego, California.

Recent posts by Greg Gudorf

4 min read

Need Some Homeschool Help? to the Rescue

By Greg Gudorf on 9/18/20 7:00 AM

The decision to homeschool has never been an easy one for parents to make and in the new world of COVID-19, it’s become an increasingly common discussion and consideration. One of the main stumbling blocks for parents at the start of their families homeschool journey is where can they turn for homeschool help.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
7 min read

Animated Bible Stories Your Homeschooler Will Love

By Greg Gudorf on 9/14/20 10:20 AM

Every Christian homeschool parent knows that teaching the Bible is just as much a priority as reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, it can be difficult to engage kids in Bible stories or know how to depict moral teachings. That's why we've compiled a list of entertaining and educational animated Bible stories to include in your homeschool curriculum.

Topics: Homeschooling Kids
3 min read

Celebrate National Read Across America Day

By Greg Gudorf on 3/2/18 7:00 AM

There is something special that comes with a child opening up a book and allowing his or her imagination to play the scenes in their head. In addition, reading promotes many skills such as language, vocabulary and concentration.

Topics: News Education Parenting
3 min read

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style? Discover 4 Types of Learners

By Greg Gudorf on 1/2/18 2:00 PM

Did you know there are four styles of learning? For parents who are trying to help their children study or for parents who are homeschooling their children, it can be helpful to understand the different learning styles, or modalities, and tailor teaching and studying approaches according to each. With a little extra emphasis on your child’s preferred modality, you can witness their interest in learning grow.

Topics: Homeschooling Education Parenting
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