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Drive Thru History®: Seeing is Believing...and Understanding

By Editors on 9/26/17 7:00 AM

Do you want to make history come alive for your child? Sometimes reading about historic events can seem dry and boring. Ancient civilizations lived so long ago your child might not see why they matter today. The “Drive Thru History®” series with Dave Stotts brings history to life by taking your child where the action was via video.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
3 min read

7 of God’s Promises to Carry This School Year

By Editors on 8/15/17 12:00 PM

The beginning of the school year is a busy time. Children greet the start of school with excitement, nervousness, and maybe even a little fear. As the days pass, give your children the strength they need to live in faith in any environment. Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in your family with constant reminders of God’s promises. We’ve compiled seven of His promises to us that can keep students (and parents) strong throughout the school year. You might even want to share these verses with your little one by writing them on notes and sneaking them in his or her lunchbox.

Topics: Education Bible Verses Kids
3 min read

How Christian Movies Influence Your Kids' Character

By Editors on 7/13/16 7:03 AM

What children see on television and in movies becomes part of their life experience and impacts their development. As Billy Graham told a parent on his website, children today are "deeply influenced by television and films," even more than they were years ago. This is partly because kids watch more TV and movies now than they ever used to. Kids' TV channel, Nickelodeon, reported that today's kids average 35 hours of television-watching every week. This doesn't include time spent watching movies, video games, or the growing practice of watching videos on YouTube.

Topics: Movies Homeschooling Family
3 min read

Summer Reading: Christian Movies Inspired By Your Favorite Books

By Editors on 6/26/16 7:00 AM

Whether your kids are in public school, private school, or homeschooled, you want them to continue to learn in the summer months. Since most kids aren’t too keen on spending their summer with textbooks, you’ll have to slip in learning when and where you can. One great way is with family-friendly and Christian movies or documentaries based on books. Kids can read the book first and then be rewarded with watching the corresponding movie. They will naturally want to compare the movie with the book, which is good practice for their analytical skills.

Topics: Homeschooling Family Education Movie List
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