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Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle is on a mission to help people understand why faith and science go hand-in-hand. Lisle, who embraces a literal interpretation of Genesis, believes that science confirms biblical history – and he’s on a mission to educate and inform the masses.

Lisle, founder of the Biblical Science Institute, knows a thing or two about the importance of properly understanding the intersection of faith and science.

In a recent episode of’s “Answering Atheists” (a summer series that airs Thursdays at 7:30 pm ET on Facebook) Lisle took aim at the “myth” that “to be scientific is to be anti-Christian and vice-versa.”

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“Science is not antagonistic to the Bible, but in fact science is based on biblical principles,” he said. “The reason we can do science is because God upholds the universe in a consistent fashion.”

Watch Lisle address natural selection, evolution, “the secret code of creation” and plenty more on “Answering Atheists”:

Lisle is working through the Biblical Science Institute to push back against the “propaganda” that science and religion can’t be simultaneously embraced.

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“Creation makes science possible,” he said. “The fact that God created the universe and has instilled order into it and has created patterns for us to discover — that’s what science is. It’s about uncovering the patterns that God has placed in nature.”

Lisle continued, “The principles of science are predicated upon biblical creation.”

Stay tuned for the third episode of’s “Answering Atheists” series on Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. E.T. on our Facebook page. And be sure to check out for a massive library of shows and movies that tackle science, religion and plenty more.

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