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6 Ways to Maintain your Faith During College

By Billy Hallowell on 8/3/21 9:00 AM

College is all about personal discovery and educating yourself to take on life’s new challenges, but it can be difficult being a Christian in college when the stereotypical, secular pressures surround you.

Topics: Christianity Inspiration
7 min read

7 Founding Fathers' Quotes on Religion, God & the Bible

By Billy Hallowell on 6/24/21 6:05 AM

The faiths of our Founding Fathers is a popular topic of conversation here in the United States. While the conversation is a difficult and complex one, we decided to put together a fascinating list of Founding Fathers' quotes on religion, God and the Bible.

Topics: Education America
5 min read

Saint Patrick’s Day: The Story That Created the Holiday

By Billy Hallowell on 2/2/21 10:31 AM

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that comes every year on March 17, but what are its origins — and who is St. Patrick? First, let’s start with the nature of Saint Patrick’s Day. 

Topics: Holidays Education
5 min read

Corrie ten Boom Quotes: The Hero Who Saved Hundreds During the Holocaust

By Billy Hallowell on 1/22/21 7:46 AM

The Holocaust is one of the most horrific events in human history, but among the tragic and heartbreaking acts are real-life stories about heroes like Corrie ten Boom — individuals who risked their livelihoods, homes, businesses, families, and lives to stand up and do what was right.

Topics: Christianity Education
6 min read

4 Stunning Facts About July 4th And America's Independence

By Billy Hallowell on 1/1/21 7:54 AM

As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day with cookouts, fireworks and other festivities, it's important to remember the facts behind the American Independence Day commemoration.

Topics: Education
4 min read

Need Some Homeschool Help? to the Rescue

By Editors on 9/18/20 7:00 AM

The decision to homeschool has never been an easy one for parents to make and in the new world of COVID-19, it’s become an increasingly common discussion and consideration. One of the main stumbling blocks for parents at the start of their families homeschool journey is where can they turn for homeschool help.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
5 min read

Fun Online Sunday School Lessons & Advice for Parents and Churches

By Billy Hallowell on 9/16/20 3:28 PM

Sunday school is one of the most important parts of church ministry, and if you're looking for kids Sunday school material and Sunday school curriculum, you've come to the right place.

Topics: Christianity Education
6 min read

Animated Bible Stories Your Homeschooler Will Love

By Editors on 9/14/20 10:20 AM

Every Christian homeschool parent knows that teaching the Bible is just as much a priority as reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, it can be difficult to engage kids in Bible stories or know how to depict moral teachings. That's why we've compiled a list of entertaining and educational animated Bible stories to include in your homeschool curriculum.

Topics: Homeschooling Kids
8 min read

Complete Roundup of Free Sunday School Lessons

By Sarah Hartland on 9/10/20 10:00 AM

If you’re a parent who is on the fence over whether to return to in-person church gatherings as we face COVID-19, this list of free Sunday school lessons is for you.

As COVID-19 persists across the country, families have to weigh the choice to return to in-person church gatherings. The decline in attendance and the break in attendance routine can be very detrimental to our youngest family members who soak up the Word of God like a sponge during Sunday school.

Topics: Discussion Guides Devotionals Sunday School Lessons
5 min read

5 Back-to-School Prayers for Teachers and Educators Amid COVID-19

By Billy Hallowell on 8/20/20 9:00 AM

Preparing for and diving into the back-to-school season can typically be chaotic and stressful. But this year is especially unique and challenging, as Americans continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics: Christianity
5 min read

5 Examples of Homeschool Schedules You'll Want to Copy

By Sarah Hartland on 8/10/20 7:00 AM

The beginning of the school year is a great time to reevaluate your remote learning or homeschool schedule and implement changes. And considering the ongoing chaos surrounding COVID-19, some changes might be essential.

Topics: Homeschooling
6 min read

Inside the World of Human Trafficking: Shocking Stats and Stories

By Billy Hallowell on 7/20/20 8:34 AM

Countries around the globe will mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, an event that aims to “raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion and protection of their rights.”

Topics: Christianity Education
5 min read

Christian Persecution & the Effect on North Korea

By Billy Hallowell on 7/2/20 10:28 AM

It’s no secret that Christian persecution is raging across the globe, with millions of believers getting attacked, assaulted and even murdered over their faith in Jesus.

Topics: News
5 min read

Inside the Incredible Story Behind Lifesize Replica of Noah’s Ark

By Billy Hallowell on 5/20/20 1:30 PM

The Ark Encounter, a life-sized Noah’s ark replica located in Williamstown, Kentucky, as well as its nearby sister organization, the Creation Museum, are both set to reopen to the public on Monday, June 8, 2020.

Topics: Christianity
2 min read

Looking to Build a Solid, Biblical Worldview in Your Teens? Here’s a Solution

By Billy Hallowell on 5/4/20 8:40 AM

Amid a culture that poses some truly tough and confounding questions, Anchorsaway is diligently working to train high school students to develop a solid biblical worldview — something that is deeply needed in our modern, oft-times relativistic culture.

Topics: Bible Story
2 min read

Actress Sam Sorbo Homeschools — and Her Tips Could Save Your Sanity

By Billy Hallowell on 3/19/20 2:35 AM

Actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo homeschool their kids, and the two outspoken performers have gained a plethora of wisdom along the way.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
2 min read

The Incredible Ways Prayer Totally Transformed This Public High School

By Billy Hallowell on 3/13/20 2:23 AM

Students and principals at an Indiana high school are crediting prayer for helping to totally transform both academics and civility among members of the student body.

Topics: Education Prayer
5 min read

Inside the History of the National Anthem: Facts You Might Not Know

By Billy Hallowell on 3/3/20 10:51 AM

It has been 89 years since President Herbert Hoover signed a congressional act on March 3, 1931, that officially designated "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem of the United States — but the song dates back many decades before that decision.

Topics: Education
5 min read

5 Founding Fathers' and Presidents' Powerful Quotes About God & Prayer

By Billy Hallowell on 2/3/20 9:28 AM

When we look at the history of our past presidents and founding fathers, one thing is incredibly clear: a great many of these men valued God and prayer.

Topics: Politics Education
2 min read

The Amazing Ways Technology Is Transforming Homeschooling

By Billy Hallowell on 12/5/19 9:00 AM

Homeschooling has long been a choice for parents who want flexible education options for their children.

Topics: Education
4 min read

Mom Blogs: 8 Homeschool Blogs That Will Inspire

By Billy Hallowell on 8/15/19 9:00 AM

Among a sea of mom blogs are some exceptional homeschool blogs that offer tips, tricks, curriculum and inspiration. Whether you’re a current homeschooling parent or you have an interest in looking into how you can educate in the home, each homeschool mom blog presented below offers you some fascinating tidbits to consider.

2 min read

Doctor Breaks Down the Complexities of Human Body That Prove God

By Billy Hallowell on 7/2/19 2:30 PM

Dr. Tommy Mitchell has gone through a spiritual evolution. The medical doctor, who once embraced theistic evolution, is now a young-Earth creationist who speaks and writes for Christian ministry Answers in Genesis.

Topics: Christianity
2 min read

Astrophysicist Targets ‘Myth’ Surrounding Science and Religion

By Billy Hallowell on 6/20/19 1:51 PM

Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle is on a mission to help people understand why faith and science go hand-in-hand. Lisle, who embraces a literal interpretation of Genesis, believes that science confirms biblical history – and he’s on a mission to educate and inform the masses.

Topics: Christianity
4 min read

What’s the Meaning Behind the Red, White & Blue in the U.S. Flag?

By Billy Hallowell on 6/14/19 11:00 AM

As we move into the summer, Americans are sure to see more red, white and blue. These colors, which represent the U.S. flag, are synonymous with freedom, hope — and America’s annual July 4 festivities. But as we approach Independence Day, there’s another patriotic holiday worth reflecting on: Flag Day.

Topics: America
2 min read

Bible Teacher’s Mission to Transform Prisoners for Christ

By Billy Hallowell on 6/4/19 9:00 AM

Bible teacher Ann White is on a mission to help incarcerated women find hope through a relationship with God. White, who recently appeared on’s “Pure Talk,” discussed the powerful transformations she’s seen in the lives of imprisoned women.

Topics: Education
5 min read

‘There is Hope’: An Open Letter for Every Kid Heading to College

By Billy Hallowell on 4/23/19 9:00 AM

Dear Young Person (and Parent):

Topics: Christianity
6 min read

Discover Entertaining and Inspiring Homeschool and Family Content

By Billy Hallowell on 4/9/19 12:00 PM

With so much entertainment and digital content flowing to cell phones, tablets and computers — and with the themes and subject matter becoming increasingly inappropriate for kids — many parents are looking for safe movies, TV shows and documentaries for the whole family.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
4 min read

Great Bible Lessons: Our Favorite Lessons for Christian Children

By Billy Hallowell on 2/25/19 9:00 AM

If you’re looking to offer your kids Bible lessons, there are a ton of free Biblical resources for children. From games to interactive Bible experiences, the options are limitless. We’ve assembled a list of 10 fun Bible lessons for kids — a collection of resources that will help families who are looking to further introduce their kids to God. Here they are:

Topics: Christianity Bible Study
3 min read

Chris and Cully Pratt Step Up to Help Kids in an Incredible Way

By Billy Hallowell on 1/22/19 11:00 AM

Cully Pratt, a California police officer and artist — who also happens to be older brother to Hollywood megastar Chris Pratt — is on a mission to help kids in tough neighborhoods plagued by gang activity and out-of-control drop-out rates.

Topics: Inspiration
2 min read

The Secret Places in Washington Where God’s Hiding in Plain Sight

By Billy Hallowell on 12/17/18 11:00 AM

Did you know that there are countless places throughout Washington, D.C., where biblical scriptures and references are hidden in plain sight? From the proclamation in John 8 that the “truth will set you free” to a statue of the Apostle Paul, these scripture-themed inscriptions, statues and references are inspirational, captivating — and surprising.

Topics: Education Pure Talk
3 min read

7 Perfect Christian Fall Activities for Kids

By Sarah Hartland on 10/9/18 7:00 AM

As the weather gets colder and the kids are going outside less and less, parents are looking for fun fall activities to enjoy as a family. These Christian fall activities for kids are a great way to teach your children life lessons and have fun while doing it.

Topics: Homeschooling Kids Parenting
2 min read

This Is For All Parents Looking to Teach Kids Good Character

By Billy Hallowell on 9/23/18 7:00 AM

Many parents today worry about building character in their children. Amid an ever-complex cultural landscape, teaching kids good values seems like an increasingly daunting task. That’s why parents will absolutely love the central goal of a gaming platform and online “virtual world” known as Lucky Kat World: to “make good character cool.”

Topics: Interviews Pure Talk
4 min read

Christian Education: How to Ensure Your Child Learns About God

By Pure Flix Editors on 9/14/18 7:00 AM

There was a time when Christianity was integrated in all public education. Prayers in school were as common as the Pledge of Allegiance, and many schools taught directly from the Bible. Today, there’s an emphasis on “the separation of church and state,” and prayer in class or even before sporting events is discouraged, if not outright banned.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
6 min read

5 Books By Scientists Who are Christian

By Billy Hallowell on 8/17/18 7:00 AM

Despite claims that science and religion cannot coexist, there are many scientists who believe in God. In fact, some of these well-respected individuals have even written books that explore both their scientific inclinations and the ways in which they see God actively engaged in creation and the world around them.

Topics: Education Inspirational Movies Documentaries
4 min read

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: Inside the Battle Over Creation

By Billy Hallowell on 8/10/18 7:00 AM

Do scientists believe in God? Can science and religion exist in harmony? When it comes to the intersection of faith and science, one of the primary subjects that emerges is creation — and the seemingly never-ending debate over evolution. Despite the fact that the science vs. religion battle is often overemphasized, there are fierce and passionate battles over how human beings and the universe at large came into existence.

Topics: Intelligent Design Evolution
5 min read

5 Scientists Who Believe in God — and Are Christians

By Billy Hallowell on 8/3/18 7:00 AM

Do scientists believe in God? Can science and religion live in unity? These are key questions that continue to be asked in an era in which these two essential arenas are often positioned as being in eternal conflict. Reality, though, paints a very different picture. The two, in fact, go hand-in-hand, with many scientists embracing a belief in God — and some even openly embracing the Christian faith. For these individuals, science and faith fit together quite nicely.

Topics: Christianity
4 min read

9 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Homeschool Schedule

By Sarah Hartland on 7/27/18 7:00 AM

Creating a daily homeschool schedule that meets the needs of your family can be a little intimidating. If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself these questions. They’ll help you better understand what your next steps should be.

Topics: Homeschooling
3 min read

Why (and How!) You Should Homeschool Over Summer

By Sarah Hartland on 6/28/18 7:00 AM

Most kids look forward to summer for one main reason: no school! But for many homeschool families, school doesn’t stop just because the sun is out. Many homeschool parents prefer keeping their routine year-’round, but if you’re on the fence, here are just a few reasons to homeschool over the summer, and great tips on how to do it.

Topics: Homeschooling
5 min read

2018 Summer Reading List: Top 10 Christian Books for Men

By Billy Hallowell on 6/22/18 7:00 AM

Summer, for many, ushers in beach and family time — and hopefully a fair share of relaxation for parents and kids alike. With many families going on vacations, there’s generally a bit more time for people to kick back and read some good books poolside or as they lay on the sand. Here’s a summer reading list for men that focuses on the best Christian books worth exploring.

Topics: Christianity
7 min read

17 of the Best Christian Books That Will Leave You Inspired

By Billy Hallowell on 6/20/18 7:00 AM

The Bible is a transformative book filled with informative and instructive stories — a collection of guidelines that can help us live our lives to the fullest. As most Christians know, an active faith life requires developing an understanding and reliance upon the scriptures. While the Bible is the premiere book for Christians, there are plenty of additional texts available that can help believers think deeper about specific theological and life issues.

Topics: Christianity
5 min read

2018 Summer Reading List: Top 10 Christian Books For Teenagers

By Sarah Hartland on 6/15/18 7:00 AM

When the assigned school reading stops for summer, it’s a great time to pick up books just for fun! There are loads of awesome Christian books for teens and young adults, but this year, be sure to dive into the best of the best. Here are 10 Christian books teens and young adults will enjoy and learn from, long after summer is over:

Topics: Christianity Teenagers
5 min read

2018 Summer Reading List: Top 10 Christian Books for Kids

By Sarah Hartland on 6/8/18 7:00 AM

The summer leaves plenty of extra time for family fun and learning, through movies, books, and time together. If you’re a parent struggling to keep your child learning all summer, this list of the top Christian books for kids will give you lots of great ideas for the entire summer.

Topics: Christianity Parenting
4 min read

4 Ways To Encourage Your Children to Help One Another

By Latonya Moore on 4/16/18 10:00 AM

I didn’t grow up with siblings, and honestly, I look at my daughters’ relationship in awe. I was led to believe that siblings only bickered and fussed based on the sibling relationships I viewed in real life, and the dramatization of relationships on television and movies.

Topics: Homeschooling Parenting
2 min read

Tim Tebow Credits Homeschooling for Personal Successes

By Sarah Hartland on 3/20/18 10:00 AM

“Famous homeschoolers” is no longer an oxymoron, thanks to figures like two-time softball Olympic medalist Jessica Mendoza and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. In a recent series for “Good Morning America,” the two sat down and discussed what makes homeschoolers different- and why those differences are a good thing.

Topics: Homeschooling News Sports
3 min read

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style? Discover 4 Types of Learners

By Editors on 1/2/18 2:00 PM

Did you know there are four styles of learning? For parents who are trying to help their children study or for parents who are homeschooling their children, it can be helpful to understand the different learning styles, or modalities, and tailor teaching and studying approaches according to each. With a little extra emphasis on your child’s preferred modality, you can witness their interest in learning grow.

Topics: Homeschooling Education Parenting
3 min read

Salt and Light: Creative Ways to Live Your Faith at School

By Editors on 10/6/17 7:00 AM

As Christians, we are called to be a light to the world, charged with venturing out into our surroundings and presenting salvation to everyone. But, sometimes that’s hard, especially for kids in school. Going against the flow and standing out draws attention, and school culture, for the most part, can focus on fitting in.

Topics: Education Faith
2 min read

Drive Thru History®: Seeing is Believing...and Understanding

By Editors on 9/26/17 7:00 AM

Do you want to make history come alive for your child? Sometimes reading about historic events can seem dry and boring. Ancient civilizations lived so long ago your child might not see why they matter today. The “Drive Thru History®” series with Dave Stotts brings history to life by taking your child where the action was via video.

Topics: Homeschooling Education
3 min read

Getting Your Homeschooler Into Public High School Sports

By Pure Flix Editors on 9/15/17 7:00 AM

Participation in extracurricular activities teaches children teamwork and time management. It builds self-esteem and looks good on college applications. Kids who participate in after-school activities do better than their peers academically and socially. Homeschool parents often want their children to experience these benefits by participating in high school sports. Some states allow homeschoolers to play with their sports teams, and others are completely opposed to the idea.

Topics: Homeschooling Sports
3 min read

7 of God’s Promises to Carry This School Year

By Editors on 8/15/17 12:00 PM

The beginning of the school year is a busy time. Children greet the start of school with excitement, nervousness, and maybe even a little fear. As the days pass, give your children the strength they need to live in faith in any environment. Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in your family with constant reminders of God’s promises. We’ve compiled seven of His promises to us that can keep students (and parents) strong throughout the school year. You might even want to share these verses with your little one by writing them on notes and sneaking them in his or her lunchbox.

Topics: Education Bible Verses Kids
3 min read

Christian Homeschool Mom Takes on Hollywood

By Sarah Hartland on 5/31/17 7:00 AM

Who better to talk about the secrets of Hollywood than a former actress turned homeschool mom? That’s exactly what Tina Marie Griffin is doing with her new interactive livestreaming show, “Hollywood Insider." With more than two decades working in and around the entertainment industry, Griffin noticed an interesting trend: Celebrities that starred in obscene or violent films were sheltering their own children from the very movies they were making.

Topics: Homeschooling News Parenting
2 min read

'Pendragon': A Movie Made By Families Like Yours!

By Julie Tronsen on 5/19/17 7:00 AM

Ever wanted to make a movie? That’s exactly what two homeschooling families did back in 2008, and now their film, “Pendragon,” is one of the most popular Christian historical adventure films of all time.

Topics: Homeschooling Kids Behind the Scenes
8 min read

Why You Should Attend a Homeschool Conference This Year

By Tammie Bairen on 5/11/17 7:00 AM

This year, I will be attending my 17th homeschool convention. From the time I enter the parking lot and make my way into the venue, I am often in awe of the sheer number of people who have chosen this path. Thousands travel to seek the best curriculum for their families, guidance from those who have gone before us, and encouragement from others who understand our struggles and our triumphs.

Topics: Homeschooling
2 min read

Why Even Homeschoolers Should Take Snow Days

By Callie Domingues on 2/17/17 7:00 AM

As I write this, the snow might be piled up higher than your front door, or it might be time to mow your grass. No matter which scenario fits your current situation, one thing is certain, we all need snow days!

Topics: Homeschooling Kids
2 min read

Here's What Could Change for Homeschool Families in 2017

By Pure Flix Editors on 2/1/17 7:00 AM

With the start of any new administration, there are bound to be changes. For certain groups, like homeschool families, some changes can have big impacts on day-to-day life. During this most recent election cycle, neither candidate mentioned homeschooling much, but the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) published an article expressing concern over the effects a Clinton administration might have had on education in general, and homeschooling specifically. The Trump administration is expected to take an entirely different approach towards education and many homeschool families are pleased with proposed changes in legislation.

Topics: Homeschooling
5 min read

7 Resolutions for Homeschool Moms

By Callie Domingues on 12/30/16 2:30 PM

As the new year begins, there is always hope for a fresh start. Homeschool moms feel the tug to make the second half of the year better than the first half, at least in my case. With so many new ideas floating around, new classes the kids can take, or even new ways to improve the running of our household, I consistently think that January 1 is where it all starts. This year, though, I have taken a back seat to the goal setting and decided that I am going to go with some new resolutions.

Topics: Homeschooling
3 min read

How to Supplement Your Homeschool Lesson Plans

By Sarah Hartland on 10/13/16 7:09 AM

Whether your homeschool lesson plans are provided in your purchased curriculum or you’ve written them yourself, you’ve probably had this thought at least once: “Is that all?” It’s a classic teaching challenge: how can you make a lesson memorable for your homeschooler?

Topics: Education Kids
2 min read Starts Initiative to Help Homeschool Program

By Dave Migdal on 9/13/16 5:46 PM

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Sept. 13, 2016) – As the school year kicks into gear,, a leader in the faith and family streaming video space, is starting an initiative designed to complement the efforts of families who are homeschooling their children.

Topics: Homeschooling Press Release
3 min read

TV Commercials Not So Family-Friendly Anymore

By Sarah Hartland on 8/13/16 7:00 AM

We are daily inundated with advertisements: online, on the highway, and on television. Because commercials are an everyday phenomenon, we don’t often think about their effect on us. A number of mental health professionals, however, have raised concerns about the effect of this type of media (particularly on children). What does the research say about TV commercials? Here’s a summary:

Topics: Homeschooling Family Interviews Kids
3 min read

7 Money-Saving Homeschool Hacks

By Sarah Hartland on 7/31/16 8:30 AM

Have you ever attended a homeschooling conference, eager to dig into a new school year, and left with a much lighter wallet? Let’s face it, a homeschool curriculum can get expensive, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a home library to build from.

Topics: Homeschooling Family Education
3 min read

How Christian Movies Influence Your Kids' Character

By Editors on 7/13/16 7:03 AM

What children see on television and in movies becomes part of their life experience and impacts their development. As Billy Graham told a parent on his website, children today are "deeply influenced by television and films," even more than they were years ago. This is partly because kids watch more TV and movies now than they ever used to. Kids' TV channel, Nickelodeon, reported that today's kids average 35 hours of television-watching every week. This doesn't include time spent watching movies, video games, or the growing practice of watching videos on YouTube.

Topics: Movies Homeschooling Family
3 min read

Summer Reading: Christian Movies Inspired By Your Favorite Books

By Editors on 6/26/16 7:00 AM

Whether your kids are in public school, private school, or homeschooled, you want them to continue to learn in the summer months. Since most kids aren’t too keen on spending their summer with textbooks, you’ll have to slip in learning when and where you can. One great way is with family-friendly and Christian movies or documentaries based on books. Kids can read the book first and then be rewarded with watching the corresponding movie. They will naturally want to compare the movie with the book, which is good practice for their analytical skills.

Topics: Homeschooling Family Education Movie List
4 min read

5 Great Christian Homeschooling Resources

By Editors on 5/21/16 9:00 AM

Whether you're a lifelong homeschooler or you're looking at shifting your family to a new lifestyle of learning at home, you can't do it alone. You may be supported by your family, your church, and the homeschool community, but you also need resources. Many others have taken this path before you, and they've developed Christian and Christian-friendly homeschooling resources that will help you raise children of character and intelligence.

Topics: Movies Homeschooling Education Faith
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