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It’s hard to believe that it’s already July! Summer always seems to fly by, but don’t worry: its not over yet! For homeschooling families, summer doesn’t mean school is out, and August doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Here are 33 family-friendly activities you can do while it is still warm out:

1. Free museum days

Visiting a local museum is a great way for your kids to learn something new, and beat the heat! Many museums have free admission days throughout the year, which can make them an affordable, family-friendly option. You’ll enjoy the air conditioning and they’ll enjoy the exhibits.

2. Free zoo days

If you live near a zoo, see if they have free admission days as well. There’s always something new to see! Before you go, watch a documentary on a specific animal, like this one, and then go see it in person!

3. Tour a local sports stadium, theater, or landmark

If you live near a city, find out what landmarks offer guided tours. Your kids will learn more about their city, and can even write short reports about the places you’ve visited once you return home!

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4. Library reading challenges

Sign your kids up for the summer reading challenge if your library has one (many libraries do!). Your bookworms will earn prizes and have fun competing with other local kids.

5. Book to Movie report

After your kids have read some books, why not see if any of their favorites have been turned into family movies?

6. Visit a farm

Summer is a great time to check out local farms. Some offer opportunities to tour the property and see how crops are grown. You might be lucky enough to live near an orchard that allows you to pick your own cherries or apples!

7. Host a concessions stand

Here’s a fun twist on the classic lemonade stand: invite some neighbors over for a movie night and let your kids run a concession stand. They can sell candy and popcorn, and have a lot of fun while learning basic business concepts at a young age. Bonus: you can use this as an outreach opportunity for your neighbors by showing one of the many Christian movies found on!

8. Virtual world tour

You may not be able to travel the world this summer, but you can still see a lot of it! Check out cities worldwide on Google Earth, and check out some of the awesome documentaries on different cities on Pure Flix.

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9. Host a scavenger hunt

In your neighborhood or even around town, host a scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends. They’ll enjoy hunting for clues and get plenty of exercise walking (and sprinting!) around.

10. Find a nature trail

Many towns and cities of all sizes feature nature trails tucked away in little-known parks nearby. Call your local Parks and Recreation office to ask where you can find one of these great sight-seeing trails.

11. Volunteer at the animal shelter

Many animal shelters allow children to interact with shelter pets to help socialize them. Find out if there’s a day your kids can enjoy some critters.

12. Camp

This summer classic can’t be left out. Consider letting your kids plan their own camping trip in the backyard.

13. Water balloon fight

Hot out? Lob some water balloons at one another! This is a great activity at a park or in your backyard!

14. Homemade ice cream 

Make some homemade ice cream to enjoy outside or while watching one of Pure Flix’s family movies. Recipe here.

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15. Raise butterflies

Summertime is the perfect time to raise butterflies and release them. You can purchase a kit like this one and study up on metamorphosis.

16. Summer Bridge Workbooks

If you’re not schooling through the summer but still want to keep your kids’ minds sharp for the fall, check out Summer Bridge workbooks.

17. Learn about the History of the Bible!

Pure Flix features many wonderful Christian movies and documentaries on the history of the Bible.

18. Garden

Let your kids plant flowers, or better yet, veggies!

19. Make your backyard a hummingbird sanctuary

Here’s how!

20. US history timeline wall

Create a timeline of American history across an entire wall of your house (or the backyard fence!). You’ll find lots of documentaries and mini-series on Pure Flix to help you out- like the American Heritage series!

21. Become pen pals with a missionary family

Use a resource like to find a missionary or missionary family to communicate with!

22. Learn about summer in other countries

Check out a documentary like “Egypt,” to learn about what live was (or is!) like in other countries during the summertime.

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23. Do an “explosive” science experiment

Find a messy, explosive science experiment you can do right in your backyard! Here are some great ideas.

24. Have an outdoor art lesson

This recipe for color-changing squirty chalk is sure to be a hit. Combine science and art for a great family-friendly activity!

25. Have a backyard bonfire

Use the opportunity to talk about fire safety or survival skills (and of course enjoy some s’mores).

26. Host an at- home drive in movie

Remember how fun drive in movies were when you were a kid? Create one in your own backyard! Let your kiddos create a “car” out of an old cardboard box or two, and set up an outdoor movie theater like this one. There are many kids movies they can enjoy on let them pick!

27. Do a family service project

Spend an afternoon (or a few) volunteering for your church or in your community.

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28. Make Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Get artsy and make tie-dye t-shirts together! You can find a kit at many arts and crafts stores.

29. Try letterboxing or geocaching

Letterboxing and geocaching are worldwide scavenger hunts! You can usually find clues to where local spots are from the internet.

30. Outdoor Olympics

The Summer Olympics are right around the corner! To get excited for and learn about this worldwide event, host your own competitions right in your backyard! Try backyard bowling, horseshoes, or hopscotch!

31. Bake a summer treat

Cooking is a great educational activity. It allows you to teach about chemistry, measurement, fractions, and more! Make kitchen time lesson time this summer.

32. Try GIANT bubbles

Here’s how.

33. Enjoy some “Creation Time”

After watching a great documentary about creation, like “Origins of the Universe,” spend some time in God’s creation together talking about what you learned. Try stargazing, or a hike!

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